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Provide your employees with the knowledge and tools to be fully in control of their financial future

Work with us to enhance your financial wellbeing strategy

Bridge the knowledge gap with workshops

Moneyed workshops focus on a variety of financial wellbeing topics and are tailored to match the needs of your employees.

Workshops help to bridge the knowledge gap and make your employees feel confident in their ability to engage with their finances. The Moneyed app enables your employees to immediately action their new learnings and be fully in control of their finances.

"Before the workshop, financial planning was really daunting, but now it seems easy and manageable. I'm actually looking forward to building a plan in the app!"

Get a clear financial overview

The Moneyed app enables your employees to securely link all current accounts, credit cards, savings, pensions, investments, and debt for a full and transparent picture of their finances. Moneyed breaks down and categorises spending to make setting and sticking to a budget easy.

Moneyed has the same level of security as banks, in addition to two factor authentication and remote session termination, all data is encrypted and securely stored. Moneyed is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and account linking is “read-only”.

"I had no idea how much money I was actually spending each month until I used Moneyed. Now I have a clear picture of where my money is going."

Make a plan to meet important life goals

The Moneyed app enables your employees to build a holistic financial plan by setting the life goals that are important to them. Goals range from buying a house, to planning for a wedding, or raising a family, and into retirement and beyond.

Moneyed combines advanced optimization techniques, machine learning algorithms, and financial analytics to generate a personalised and efficient financial plan. Financial projections make it easy to identify potential future shortfalls and account for changes in expenses.

"I always just made the default pension contribution and put whatever I had left at the end of the month into savings for a house deposit. The app definitely gave me a wakeup call. Now, I save a set amount each month and I'm on track to buying a house in two years. I've also increased my pension contributions."

Track progress to success

The Moneyed app enables your employees to track their progress to achieving important life goals and quickly respond to any changes life throws at them, whether it’s due to a change in personal circumstances or changes implemented by the government, like yearly tax rules.

"Seeing the progress bar filling up for all my goals really helps to motivate me to keep saving!"

Gain personalised insights and guidance

Moneyed helps your employees understand the costs and tax implications of their plan. The knowledge section of the app, powered by the UK Money Advice Service, is an independent resource for additional information signposting.

The app provides a clear overview of all costs likely to be involved in buying a house, like stamp duty and fees, not just the deposit. In addition to information about potential tax credits for childcare, or tax implications associated with pension contributions, and much much more.

"The in-app insights helped me see the advantages of opening a Lifetime ISA - free money from the government to help buy my flat."

Transparency, privacy and security

All data is encrypted and securely stored in the UK. We don't share or sell data. We are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and are completely independent. We make no money from product and service recommendations. We make money from subscriptions alone.
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