UK Tax and NI calculator

You can use this simple calculator to calculate how much tax and national insurance you are required to pay given your salary.


Calculated Tax

Your calculated tax and national insurance will be shown below.

Yearly Monthly
Gross Salary
Personal Allowance
Taxable Income
Total Income Tax
Total NI
Net Salary

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The current (2020/2021) tax rates, are summarised below, from HMRC . The personal allowance is £12,500 unless you earn over £100,000 in which case it drops by £1 for every £2 earnt over £100,000.

Band Income after allowance Rate
Basic rate Up to £37,500 20%
Higher rate £37,500 to £150,000 40%
Additional rate Above £150,000 45%

The current class 1 national insurance rates as summarised below, from HMRC . The personal allowance is £9,500.

Band Income after allowance Rate
Primary NI Up to £50,000 12%
Additional NI Above £50,000 2%

To calculate your tax with the addition of interest earnt, please use the UK Tax on interest calculator .

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