House buying total cost calculator

You can use this simple calculator to estimate the total upfront costs when buying a house, including stamp duty, and fees.


Calculated Costs

The estimated total upfront costs of buying a house will be shown below.

Stamp duty
Legal Fees
Mortgage Fees
Removal Fees
Surveyor Fees
Buildings Insurance
Total Upfront Cost

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Stamp duty is calculated using the UK residential property rates as explained here .

Estate agent fees are usually between 1%-3% of the sale price + VAT. This calculator uses the conversative value of 3%. Read more .

Legal fees are typically £800-£1,500 (including VAT). This calculator uses the conservative value of £1,500. Read more .

Mortgage fees typically consist of a booking fee of £99-£250, an arrangement fee of up to £2,000, and a mortgage valuation fee (£150-£1,500 based on the property’s value). This calculator uses the conservative value of £4,000. Read more .

Surveyors fees range from a basic home condition survey costing around £250 to a full structural survey from £600 or more. This calculator uses a conservative value of £600. Read more .

This calculator uses a conservative buildings insurance value of £112 per year, based on MoneySuperMarket data, March 2020. Read more .
Note that buildings insurance is part of the service charge for a leasehold which is not charged upfront.

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