Tax Calculators

Tax and national insurance calculator

Calculate your tax and national insurance costs based on your salary.

Tax refund calculator due to statutory sick days

If you have taken statutory sick days, estimate the amount of tax you could be refunded.

UK Tax on interest calculator

Calculate tax owed on interest earnt.


Housing/Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage repayment calculator

Calculate your monthly and annual mortgage repayment costs base on the size, rate and term of the mortgage.

Mortgage affordability calculator

Estimate how much you could borrow towards a house purchase.

Mortgage payment holiday calculator

Calculate the change in your monthly payments if you take a mortgage holiday.

Stamp duty calculator

Calculate the stamp duty land tax, SDLT, due

House buying upfront cost calculator

Estimate the total upfront costs when buying a house, including stamp duty, and fees.

Convert Help to Buy to Lifetime ISA calculator

Understand if it's worth converting your Help to Buy ISA into a Lifetime ISA.


Student Loan Calculators

Student loan contributions calculator

Calculate your monthly and annual contributions and the interest charged on the remainder of the loan.

Student loan cost calculator

Calculate the total cost of your loan depending on your income and any overpayments.


Retirement Calculators

Pension allowance estimator

Estimate your pension allowance, based on your salary and pension contributions.

State Pension Age calculator

Calculate your state pension age and date based on your date of birth.

Life expectancy calculator

Calculate your life expectancy based on your date of birth and sex.

Retirement income estimator

Estimate your retirement income need based on your retirement salary.

Fee comparison calculator

Compare and estimate the magnitude differing fees will have on the value of your pension.


Simple Calculators

Compound interest calculator

Calculate the value of your assets given the application of interest.

FIRE Number calculator

Calculate your FIRE, Financial Independence Retire Early, number.


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